Final day at Rocketgenius

And so, yet another school year starts and my internship at Rocketgenius has now come to an end. The 3 month internship was absolutely a blast and I really enjoyed working/collaborating with the team and learning different things that I was interested in learning. I really do feel more confident with certain methods of writing great code. One of my favorite parts of the internship was having the opportunity to visit the Rocketgenius offices for a week back in June, where I was able to work directly with the team in Virginia Beach and really have some great conversations and direct help with an assortment of projects I was working on.

Overall, it was an awesome internship and I must thank Carl Hancock for giving the opportunity to join the awesome team (remotely even!). Extra thanks to Alex Cancado for helping me out with code stuff throughout the course of the internship!

Until next time!