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Tweeting with t Tweeting with the command-line has never been easier.

I like to tweet. A LOT. And I also spend a bunch of time doing work in the command-line. One, day I decided I would try to use the command line as a twitter client. Well lucky for me, many have been built, all with their own awesome features, but one that stood out to me was t. This command-line twitter client is built in Ruby and makes it quick and easy to DM, tweet, and read tweets straight from the command-line. I thought it would be a cool share.

Also, since I’ve first used it, I have built my own more simple version of t in the command line in Ruby and Python ūüėÄ

Quality Stock Photos from Unsplash

I usually write about development topics, but today, I’m¬†writing about something a bit different: stock photos. Specifically, images from a really awesome site called Unsplash.

Using stock photography¬†is something I’ve found more and more useful lately as I look for demo content and pictures to add to my site or just add really cool pictures to my blog posts. A lot of stock image sites used to be super complex with great detail of licensing and where you can use the images. but as time goes on, it’s gotten better and more and more site like Unsplash are popping up, where you can literally use their images with no credits or any restrictions.

So check it out. Try to see if any of the awesome pictures at could be featured in your next blog post or used as a future featured image!

The New

Well, it’s finally here. After a long time of redesigning, rethinking, and brainstorming, has finally relaunched to the world. The current focus of the site is on creating WordPress plugins (and more). Right now, I have a single launch product: Ninja Forms Slack Integration, quite a cool little plugin allowing you to get Slack notifications to your channels from Ninja Forms (What form did the user fill out, what did they enter, etc.).

So what are you waiting for? Check out and the comeback post!

WordCamp San Diego 2015

Currently at 10,000 as I write this on my way to San Diego! This weekend, I will have the honor of speaking and joining a panel at WordCamp San Diego 2015. My talk is “The Magic of Enqueuing” (slides up soon) and my panel will be on workflows (expect a video from eventually). It’s gonna be a great weekend and I plan to share a recap soon after the event!

Wanna follow along with the event on twitter? Follow the #WCSD15 hashtag.

Midwest PHP 2015 Recap

Last weekend, I attended a pretty neat conference called Midwest PHP. This conference is focused on, you guessed it, PHP and how you cna really do some awesome things with it. TL;DR I had a blast. It was a fun, well organized, and pretty educational. I’ll share some sessions that I thought were pretty cool and helped me think in a different way.

Accessibility: The Forgotten Piece you need to know to become a complete Developer – Joe Devon

This was a great way to start the conference. This opening keynote helped me think differently about accessibility and Joe did a great job of explaining the importance and some things developers should think about when it comes to accessibility.

MySQL 5.7 — New Features, Better Performance, and Things That Will Break – Dave Stokes

I’ll be honest, it was pretty cool to learn a bit more about the next version of MySQL. I don’t usually deal with it too much directly, but this really showed off some awesome new features. Also, extra props to Dave for mentioning that it may break WordPress, but also how fixes will come up pretty fast in the near future.

You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer’s Interface – Eryn O’Neil

UX is not always easy and Eryn reminds everyone of this in her talk. It’s really important to think about the user, not just build what you THINK the user will understand. Overall, great talk, I’m already starting to think very differently about UX and UI.

Scaling WordPress – Zack Tollman

So this one is really cool. I still find myself as a performance noob quite a lot, so this was really great to see. Zack went over some great strategies and even gave a shoutout to some WordPress plugins for performance stuff, that I had no idea existed. Some of the strategies for scaling mentioned can work quite well outside of WordPress too. Overall, it was a great talk.

Give it Back – Getting Involved in Open Source – Elizabeth Smith

Now this was one amazing way to end the conference. A few weeks ago, I got my first patch in for PHP core and I’m definitely ready to contribute again, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. For me, this talk was a great introduction on how I can get more involved with the PHP project.

And there you have it folks, that’s all with my Midwest PHP recap, more awesome things happened, I met new people and met with some old friends while I was there. And, I got plenty of inspiration for future projects. It’s always good to step out of your conference zone! I definitely will be heading back next year!

bbPress keyboard shortcuts and Exchange Toolbar released on

I’m happy to announce that today, 2 of my plugins have been released on!

The first is bbPress keyboard shortcuts. This one has been a long time coming, and has been on Github for a while, but I finally decided to releases it on when I felt it was ready. Check out bbPress keyboard shortcuts!

The second plugin I release is a newer plugin, one that I decided to work on as a weekend project. This one is called Exchange Toolbar. A simple toolbar extension that requires the iThemes Exchange plugin. It’s pretty simple and should get the job done. It offers a menu in the admin bar to help with faster navigation to certain parts of the plugin in the admin and even offers data in a single product. Check out Exchange Toolbar!