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What to look out for this December

A small post today, but just some cool WordPress related things you should be looking out this month. First, I recommend you follow the blogging for Benjamin competition done by the awesome folks at WooThemes as they try to compete to write blog posts everyday this month. You should also look at some cool things Chris Lema will be writing about everyday this month over at his website.  Check blogging for Benjamin and Chris Lema’s Website now for some awesome blog posts.

WPwatercooler Episode 64

In the WordPress community, there is a great show that I enjoy called the WPwatercooler. I was able to watch today’s episode about the popular WordPress plugin: Jetpack.  It was great to hear the many different opinions from the show’s hosts about Jetpack, how they use it, and what they think about the modules included in the plugin. Personally, I enjoy the features of Jetpack and while many of the features are not perfect, it is still a good plugin to have. My favorite modules would have to be the stats, the contact form creator, the gravatar hovercards, and Custom CSS. Those are not the only modules I use with Jetpack, but ones that i find very useful from time to time. Overall, I think that Jetpack is a really good plugin with great modules and a lot of great work put into it. So head over to the WPwatercooler website and check out the discussion about Jetpack.

Also make sure to check out and download Jetpack at (and watch for a few people on Jetpacks fly by on the website’s header)

Do you have a favorite Jetpack module? Share it in the comments below!

My first post

Hello There! My Name is Nikhil (NikV) and I am a new(er) WordPress plugin and theme developer. I have decided to sit down and do some writing. I will try to blog as much as I can, and I hope to share useful information along the way. The design and domain will be changing soon, but for now, I will be blogging here. So, let the fun begin!


Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

Are you trading your time for money?

In other words, are you earning your income as a consultant? If so, then you already know that your time is limited to the hours you work a day. And if your time is limited to the hours you work in a day, then your income is limited by that same limit.

So what do you do? How do you get past that 1:1 swap of time for money? 

Three Common Answers

The first answer which most consultants pursue, is simply living within the confines of that 1:1 swap. They just make it better for themselves by charging more per hour while also eliminating wasted hours. That’s a perfectly fine approach. But there’s still a natural limit there. And that may be ok for you.

The second answer which is much harder, is to create a product – something people will pay for (preferably at regular intervals for recurring revenue). But product development isn’t easy. I’ve been doing it for almost twenty years and even with tons of successful products, I can’t count the flops, failures and foibles along the way.

The third answer becoming more popular every day, is to teach. In a physical setting, it’s a classroom. In a virtual setting it’s a membership site or an information product.

I’d like to suggest three reasons why you ought to strongly consider the third option.

Check out the Third Answer

First, you don’t need to quit your day job to create an information product, like an eBook. I wrote my eBook on Virtual Teams over a long weekend. I wrote my eBook on High Performers while on vacation.

Second, there’s the potential to leverage your content in a 1:10 or 1:50 setting, like a webinar. My webinar on Infographics (slides on my site are free) was a great way to generate income for one membership site producer. She hosted and invited me on her monthly show and I did the presentation. But instead of one or two people checking out my presentation, there were 40 or 50 folks in the “room.” Additionally, because it’s part of her membership program, she can attract new people and re-use it constantly.

Third, while infographics and eBooks give you visibility and greater scale, a membership site can produce recurring revenue. That’s why I write about them so much. Because they’re powerful if you put time and energy into it. In that way, your time pays much greater dividends than 1:1.

So stop living in a world with natural boundaries.

Push past them and start generating the potential of recurring revenue with information products.